Temperature vs. sleep

by laurianneservais on Octobre 31, 2017 - 10:45am

Carla Schaffer wrote an article in which she talks about disturbed sleep: Climbing Temperatures Are Keeping People Awake at Night. According to the research published in the 26 May issue of Science Advances, our sleep may be disturbed when the night temperatures are unusually high. In fact, even when the temperature is only 1.8° Fahrenheit or higher above the current temperature, people that are making less than $50,000 per yeartend to sleep a lot worse than people that are making more money. Why? Research showed that a citizen with a lower annual revenue is more likely to be disturbed in their sleep when the temperature is abnormally high because they usually cannot afford to keep the air conditioning working all night long. In fact, Obradovich, a member of the researchers who studied CDC reports, said that financial factors might be a reason why some people have poor sleep. He literally told: «And as we saw in San Diego, it's the cheaper apartments that don't have any air conditioning at all ».  Furthermore, a study in which they have discovered that older people are usually disturbed twice as much as youngest. The scientific reason behind this fact is simply that the body temperature of people that are over the age of 65 have a tendency to be harder to adjust. Moreover, a lack of sleep is known to cause some psychological and cognitive problems. Indeed, the ones that frequently suffer from disturbed nights tend to be more vulnerable to health impacts.

Next, I thought that Carla Schaffer wrote a constructive article in which she well developed about the bad impact of abnormally elevated temperature on sleep.  She used a lot of research to support her point of view and prove that this growing problem is real. Furthermore, I can relate well to her statement because I tend to have difficulties to sleep when the temperature is uncommonly high. In fact, since I am young I occasionally have to wet my shirt when the heat disturbs my sleep. In fact, I really found interesting to discover in her article that scientific research have been made and that I was not the only one that had to deal with that problem. In addition, I appreciated her writing and I thought that she had the ability to catch the reader's interest. Indeed, she used many statistics and it was impressive to see how many people that growing issue, because of the global warming, affected.


Here is the link to read Carla Schaffer's article posted on May 23rd of 2017: https://www.aaas.org/news/climbing-temperatures-are-keeping-people-awake-night