Is there such thing as an alternative to antibiotics?

by Benjamin Hotte on Septembre 17, 2017 - 4:37pm

Bacterial infections are usually prevented and treated with antibiotic. For a very long time, antibiotics were considered to be wonder drugs and were used to cure many diseases. However, there is a major issue with our over usage of antibiotics. The problem is, antibiotics are becoming less and less effective. This is due to the fact that human developed a resistance to it. in Fact, it is the bacteria themselves that developed that resistance. The Theory of Evolution asserts that living things evolve over time. Bacteria naturally adapted to antibiotics through natural selection. Only antibiotic-resistant bacteria survived and their genes were transferred to later generations of bacteria. This issue leads scientists to find alternative to antibiotics. Alternatives such as bacteriophage therapy, predatory bacteria, bacteriocins, and competitive exclusion of pathogens since bacteria did not developed resistance to them. However, they were found to be less consistent than antibiotic treatments were ( Still the real challenge remain, there is a major need to find an effective substitution to antibiotics.