Mcdonald problems

by EricaCoutu on Septembre 13, 2017 - 5:14pm

Three weeks ago, we celebrated the birthday of my best friend. The day before her birthday, our group went to McDonald because she was hungry. What I did at this moment is not suprising.

The guy that gave me my lunch forgot that he already gave me my burger, so I took it twice. I didn’t told him my mistake and I did left the restaurant.

After that, we went to my best friend place, and her mother was waiting for us. When I saw her, I told her everything but she didn’t found my story funny. She told me that I’ve should have told them and give the food back or, at least, give the food to someone in need.

Because of this adventure, I always watch every moves I’m doing in restaurants. What I did wasn’t respectful and I think about it everytime I’m entering a McDonald.

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