Green Apples

by felicietj on Septembre 13, 2017 - 4:55pm

Green Apples

Back when Félicie was in middle school, she had a friend name Christophe. The boy was about six years older than his neighbour and considered her as his little brother. This is probably why he played so rough with her, but also why he was always himself with her. Félicie basically did anything the older boy would suggest. So, a normal summer day, Christophe wanted to play at the spies with his pocket dog.

They went at the end of Félicie’s yard right next to the old lady next door’s. Her adoptive big brother explained that the goal was to steal one by one the apples of Mrs. Gagnon without getting caught. The younger knew that stealing was bad, but Christophe kept on saying that the lady never picked them. The two kids ended up eating a dozen of fruits and got bored of it.

Few days later, while the two friends were playing, Mrs. Gagnon got out of her house and said to the kids, with her warmest smile: “If you ever get hungry, you can come to my apple trees to pick some apples. I never pick them anyway.” Then, she went right back inside. At this moment, the two children knew she saw them stealing her fruits.

Since this day, Félicie never tried to steal anything else again; no matter the value of the item and where it was from.

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