Girls' Education

by annfredturcotte on Novembre 2, 2016 - 10:40am


 Equal education is something that is really important in today’s world. As well as being a basic human right, education is the key to health and economic improvement. It also provides everyone the ability to read, write and to better understand the world that surrounds them. Everybody should have access to the right of learning and of developing their abilities to the maximum. Unfortunately, the lack of equality in today’s world prevents certain people from going to school. Indeed, girls in many underdeveloped countries do not have access to a good education.

To begin, girls in third world countries face a lot of threats and a lot of violence when they attend school. Indeed, girls experience many dangers and even violence on their long way to school. This causes them to be kept away by their parents who are afraid their child could get harm. According to UNICEF, ‘’ once arriving at school, girls may face various forms of violence at the hands of teachers, peers and other people in the school environment.’’ Once again, if parents know school is not safe for them they will forbid them to go. Moreover, sometimes in some Arabic countries, girls face the danger of having ‘’ acid being thrown in their faces’’ (Elite Daily). In brief, women face many dangers which all contribute to them having to sacrifice their right to be educated.

To continue, girls in many underdeveloped countries face gender discrimination. According to, families with limited resources will favour boys’ education due to their strong cultural beliefs. It shows that boys have more chances to be literate and to learn vital skills. Unicef also said that in certain schools, there are no separate latrines, which means that girls don’t even have their private place for sanitation. Indeed, “In many countries, due to poverty,security or cultural factors, male children will be educated while their female siblings will not” (A World at School). It also shows that boys are privileged and then have more power over women, which continues the vicious circle of gender inequality. Briefly, girls, again today, have to deal with gender discrimination which excludes them from having an education.

Furthermore, early marriage is an issue in girls’ education in underdeveloped countries. First, girls who drop out of school are more vulnerable to marriage. Minh Cong Nguyen and Quentin Wodon who work at the World Bank said: "[…]child marriage may have a major negative impact on girl’s education". When a girl rejects her rights to a good education she is also rejecting a sound life where she earns money for her family. Second, parent’s opinion is very important. Sometimes, parents see the marriages as the greatest choice for their daughters. said that: " A lot of girls do not get education anymore because of the inaccessibility and the price of school, so parents prefer to marry their daughter." Third, girls, who are married, are more influenced to drop out of school because they have to take care of the house.

To conclude, girls that lives in certain underdeveloped and poor countries are less likely to get any form of education. Whether it is because of violence, gender discrimination or early marriages, they are far away from receiving a quality education. “More than 57 million children worldwide, including more than 31 million girls, are out of school and two thirds of illiterate adults are women.” (Unesco)


Ann-Frédérike Turcotte, Ann-Julie Richard, Rosalie Tremblay