Food waste? Canada worst than other countries...

by thierrycharles21 on Janvier 30, 2017 - 7:27pm

In this article named “A $31B problem: How Canada sucks at reducing food waste” posted the October 26 2016 by Melissa Mancini and Nelisha Vellani on CBC News explain how Canada is behind other countries in the race to reduce food waste. The article state that Canada is currently wasting $31 billion worth of food every year. This problem that Canada have, is a major issue in the world which throw away around 1.3 billion tons of food a year. Many other parts of the world such as France or Italy have come up with solutions to reduce the issue but Canada don’t prioritize this as an urgent problem. The agriculture Minister, Lawrence MacAulay told CBC news “"Food waste is part of the food policy that we're going to deal with in the next year or two,".

This major issue affect everybody in the country since the article proved that 47 percent of food waste happens at home while companies or markets cause the other 53 percent. A good start to reduce the waste would be to individually buy food supplies that we need and not “over buy”. On a larger scale, companies should increase the prices of food so people don’t buy food unnecessarily.



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