What Happened In Chernobyl?

by Hyorina on Novembre 17, 2016 - 3:50pm

April 26th 1986. The worst industrial accident happened.. Many lives taken and a contaminated environment for the next 10 000 years.  The worst man-made disaster. The world knew that Chernobyl happened because of the data recorded by a swedish nuclear power plant the morning following the explosion. With all the information findable today, it is possible to know what happened that tragic night and what are the results of Chernobyl. 


Apri 25th 1986. A beautiful spring day for the town of Pripyat. The town is built next to the Vladimir Ilith Lenine power plant (Chernobyl nucleur power plant's real name) where many citizens work everyday. Reactor number 4 has to be tested to see if it can work even when the cooling system doesn't. Kiev power management office calls the employees to tell them that the test has to be made during the night. The night crew takes the challenge. The test begins at 1:00 AM. 23 minutes later, they lose the control of the reactor. It was working slow at  a low temperature and suddenly, it became 100 times hotter than wanted by the employees. 40 seconds later, the whole plant begins to shake, a loud noise can be heard and a blue light follows. The worst just happened. 


This accident is the result of human errors conception mistakes in the reactor. It had no confinement system while iit's illegal today to operate a reactor that doesn't have one. Control bars created more pression in the reactor instead of reducing it. The crew was managed by a thermodynamics engineer who wanted them to disable the emergency system. More frustrating, there was a sign at the entrance of the plant saying '' Hiring employees to operate a nuclear reactor. No experience needed!''. 


Important consequences were seen on the environment and on humans. To begin, the soil had been contaminated with chemicals such as Caesium and Strontium, which stays in the ground for many years. In fact, trees nearby the plant were killed by high level of radiation. Lives Sciences says that: "This region came to be the `Red Forest` because the trees turned a bright ginger color". That is to say, to eliminate some of the radiation, trees were bulldozed and buried. Actually 200 000 Sq/Km were contaminated. Moreover, the contamination killed more than 28 workers at Chernobyl. In fact, Caesium and Strontium filled the air. Those chemicals are rapidly ingested through the air and tends to localize in the thyroid gland (Live Sciences Contributor). That is to say that, since the nuclear explosion, 6000 cases of thyroid cancer have been diagnostic nearby the Chernobyl plant. In sum, the explosion was a great disaster for the nature and the human being.


To conclude, the nuclear accident that occurred in Ukraine was enormous and destructive. First, the explosion was terrifying. Second, it contaminated mother earth and the human beings. Finally, it is nowadays a beautiful sanctuary site were people come and visit. It would be interesting to visit the Chernobyl plant one day. To do so, please send an e-mail to ioana.brassard@chernobyl-tour.com 


Chloe Mutel and Ioana Brassard



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