Trump and Modern Racism

by Yiselperez on Octobre 19, 2016 - 12:32pm

Yisel Perez Aguiar 

Anthropology 381-204-LA 

The myth of race and the reality of racism 

Group 544 

October 19th 2016 

Trump and modern racism 

Racism is a rather recent ideology. People did not feel the need to use race as a way to control minorities until the late 17th century. Around that time, people were explicitly racist and actually believed in the superiority of the “white race”. Today, racism is still present among us, only now it uses a more implicit approach: it is more subtle. 

 Today, people such as Donald Trump, an actual candidate for the U.S presidency, can get away with his racist beliefs and statements simply because haddresses them in a very “clever” way. I chose to talk about racism using Trump as an example because if affects my family (which is perceived a Hispanic) in the U.S. This man has a great influence on his supportersIf his message translates as racist, his supporters might think it is acceptable to discriminate or even segregate certain groups of people. 

 In the Washington Post article, it is said how Donald Trump repeatedly asked the first “African-American” president to show his birth certificate. He did not believe that Obama was in fact born in the United States. I wonder if he would he insist so much on making public the roots of a “white” president? I do not think so. He saw that Obama looked different, then, made assumptions. He kept on questioning so until 2014, even if Barack Obama officially showed his papers in 2011. This made me think of the concept of “New Racism” because it was expressed through speeches through an implicit way, although sometimes he explicitly says he believes in segregation ( the building of a wall), which is part of Old Racism. 

In my opinion, such behaviour should not be acceptable. A candidate that focus so much time and effort making generalizations about specific “races” clearly states what his priorities are. Should the leader of an entire nation win the presidency of the United States using race and segregation as a basis? 

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