6 guys 1 handbag

by Crezy90 on Septembre 26, 2016 - 5:18pm

In the new Versace ad promoting their new handbag is conveying many messages. The first message that comes to mind while looking at this picture is that a woman is only going to be interested in a guy if he buys her a Versace handbag which implies that a woman is a “gold digger”. There is one woman in the picture in contrast to 6 guys that seem to all try to get her attention because she is looking away which suggests that women are not even going to be interested by a man if he does not buy here a Versace handbag. Also, the woman in the picture seems to already have the bag by her side and some of the men have not only one handbag but sometimes they have two which tend to make us believe that woman always wants more and will never be satisfied with only one handbag but two. It gives the impression that she thinks that she is worth more than just a few handbags she is worth a Versace handbag. If I was a woman looking at this do you really want to be that girl that gets gifts from all those guys for no reason?  We should be very worried about the idea that these ad project on what are the wants of women to the population. This portrays gender stereotypes, the men is working based on the suit and the women just enjoys and spend the money of the men. If an average man looks at that ad he will then suggests that woman all want handbags and be nice stuff. This image is concerning because it falsifies what a woman really wants it can be misidentified by many that a woman only wants a man for is money and not even look at him he does not have something to give her. It also defines a portrait of what the typical Versace handbag owner looks like : young, beautiful, blonde and confident. This handbag ad could be so much better and project an image that is not completely absurd and still sell their product. For example: they could put the bag in the hands of a nice looking woman in a shopping mall just casually walking with other women around and these women would be looking at the handbag. It will put the attention on the bag without making people think that women just wants a men for is money and actually just have a nice handbag that other women would recognize as nice handbag. The fact that they put the product in the hands of 6 men and 13 handbags ridiculous. It does not even make the bag special, if the bag was alone a single one on the hands of a confident looking women it would be way more satisfying for a woman to own that bag then this object that does not represent anything for men. I choose this picture because it made me look at what a lot of women are shown in advertisement as being sexual objects or just avail the money of a man. There is a lot of women out there that make their own money and are very very successful that can afford to buy that bag but the interpretation that Versace is giving is not aiming at that category which should be the people aimed at because these are probably the women who shop the most. In references to Ross and Lester ideas this ad is not selling sex but it for sure selling the idea that women can be bought with objects.  


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