Standing Up By Kneeling Down

by cec7795 on Octobre 3, 2016 - 10:50pm

This article originally stood out to me because it was written by the player himself. I thought that this would provide a unique insight along with a clear understanding of the message being made. This all started during the preseason of the NFL where Colin Kaepernick decided he would kneel down during the national anthem in protest to police brutality and systematic racism. 

Fast forward to September eleventh of this year when the NFL’s regular season kicked off many players joined in on this protest and decided to kneel down during the anthem. Micheal Thomas is one of these players, after the game he is met with some anger and disgust on social media. He addresses this in his article saying that he realizes the reason for some of the backlash is because the flag was seen as a sign of unity following the tragic events of 9/11. He states that what he is doing is not because he is anti-american, police or veterans or because he wants personal attention but because that he could no longer stay silent on the issues of social injustice. I really appreciated his insight because he mentions this was a decision came after much personal reflecting about how still show love for his country while standing up for the communities he came from. Overall I though that Michael Thomas did an excellent job writing this piece and I really appreciated getting to see the players point of view. 


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