How will TPP change Japan?

by 043Risa on Décembre 19, 2015 - 8:56am

     What is TPP? The official name is Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement. Originally, Singapore, New Zealand, Brunei, and Chili made the Agreement which was called Pacific 4. However, Australia, Peru, Vietnam, and some other countries had taken part in the Agreement one by one, and after that it became TPP. The purpose is to unify the each country’s rules and systems. Next, I would like to tell you about them from now.

     There are lots of bad points for Japan. For example, it could cause deflationary by importing products which were made in foreign countries, The Japanese agricultural receives heavy damages by abolition of custom, the safety of food is threaten by loosening regulation of food additives, residual agricultural chemical and so on. In addition, the pressure of national health insurance and medical difference could spread by removing the ban of mixed billing.

     However, there are also some good points. First, we can buy many products involving food, clothing, and shelter cheaper, because custom duties are removed. Second, it becomes easy for Japan to export great industrial products which was made in Japan. Third, our lives becomes ricer because the International competition occur and many company try to make a new product. Fourth, Japan can check significant development China.

     Next, I would like to tell you my opinion. Frankly, I do not agree with TPP. It is my opinion as a Japanese. I think Japanese traditional and cool Japan will decline by joining TPP. There are many elder farmers in Japan so it will be more difficult to eat domestic vegetables. However, I do not want to eat genetically modified organism at all. I guess all of people cannot be happy. According to a questionnaire, almost Japanese people worry about Japanese economy might ruin.

     In conclusion, there are both advantage and disadvantage of TPP. I am worry about Japanese economy, too. I would like to check any news involving TPP as often as possible.




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