Collaborative course January-May 2016

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Collaborative course January-May 2016


This is Gabe Flacks, Champlain College Humanities teacher.

I will be using the newsactivist platform heavily with my students this fall in a course that requires them to be submitting original content and commenting to the site on a weekly basis.

It is a complementary course, so it is unique in structure.  I would be happy to have my students comment or receive comments from any collaborators throughout the semester based on the different themes that will be addressed, without having one dedicated partner.

The below themes will be covered starting with orginal content being posted in late January and moving through the below:

Theme 1: Writing, Editing, Clarity, Journalism

2. Credibility of Sources/Critical Thinking

3. Personal Voice 

4/5. Superpost- Writing longer pieces. Citations and integrations of different sources

6/7. The impacts of NGOs, Socially Conscious businesses academic research and writing on world events.

8. Collaboration and "New Power"

9- project description: Students describe the volunteer work or academic research they will conduct

10/11- Changemaker: Research on individuals who have affected the world directly. 

12 Final project plan

13. News Summary and comments

14. Collaborative work with students from other courses?

15. Final post due

15. Comment on our own classes work


If you think your class might be able to integrate some collaborative work with a theme above, let me know by commenting on this thread!