Ahmed Mohamed and His Clock Versus Texas

by Lucas Killam-Goeb on Octobre 16, 2015 - 11:52am

      In the article “14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed arrested for beginning homemade clock to school.” Rich McCormick explores the incident that occurred in Irving, Texas on the 14th of September, 2015. Ahmed Mohamed had been arrested at his school due to his teacher confiscating a homemade clock that he had made the day before. The author explains the device was simple, made from circuit board, a power supply wired to a digital display inside of a casing with a digital screen on the front. Although when he showed his clock to his teacher, she confiscated it from him. Later that day he was arrested during his class. He was threatened by his principle to be expelled if he did not come up with a written statement. Ahmed insisted it was just a clock he made when was interrogated again at the juvenile detention center.  After everything was cleared up and the clock had proven not to be a bomb, Ahmed declared that he will no longer bring any inventions of his to school. He still received a three suspension from school. The article then proceeds to explain that once an image of him handcuffed went viral, the tech community started to support him. The twitter community started tweeting with #IStandWithAhmed, declaring their stance on the subject.


     When I first read this article I was shocked. I could not believe that racial profiling and institutional racism was still this prevalent, especially with young children in high school. This story really hit me. Especially when I found out he was still suspended from school for three days after it was proven that he did nothing wrong. Islamophobia is a big issue in the world, especially in the United States and it is not right. This young boy was sent through a traumatizing experience due to the ignorance of his academic institution. Although, I am glad to see that people were there to stand up for Ahmed. Countless organizations such as Microsoft and SpaceX reached out to him after the incident. These people sympathized with him and acknowledged his brilliance despite being so young.  I believe that this article and the countless other articles that were written about this subject will open the eyes of these people who are quick to make assumptions about people based on their physical appearance.  



      McCormick, Rich. “14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed arrested for beginning homemade clock to school.” The Verge. N.p., September 16, 2015. Web. October 8th, 2015.