What the NDP Plans to do For the First Nations

by Sarahfugere on Octobre 23, 2015 - 1:27pm

In recent years there have been numerous cases where native women have done missing without any proper investigations. Other First Nation issues such as treaties being ignored or their demands not being met by the current Canadian Government lead by Steven Harper, have been brought up. In my opinion, it is important for the next elected Prime Minister to have their relations and treatment toward Aboriginal Nations a top priority.

According to an article from the Globe and Mail, the New Democratic Leader Tom Muclair said if elected he would “immediately begin to address the deplorable quality of education in many First Nation communities”. Tom Muclair took part in an election panel organized by the assembly of First Nations at a reserve near Edmonton. He stated that he would “devote an extra 1.8 billion dollars over the next four years to improve the education on reserves, where high school graduation rates average just thirty-five percent.” Another improvement to solve the current Aboriginal issues, among many, is to create a new cabinet committee composed of political members of the First Nations to “ensure federal government decisions respect treaty rights and Canada’s international obligations.”

The NDP has made promises to help the First Nations people and bring justice to those who have been denied of their fundamental human rights. Take these points into consideration next time you vote. 


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