Green Party: Poverty

by vvvbb on Octobre 21, 2015 - 7:51pm

The Green Party brings big emphasis on the issues of poverty. In fact, their goal is to reach zero poverty. They want to assure that not one individual has to live without food, shelter or medicine. In a matter of fact 1 in 7 Canadians currently live in poverty. Since this is a major issue that needs to be solved, “The Green Party [...] propose[s] a guaranteed livable income for all [which will allow] everyone to live in dignity and be fully included in society,” says Richard Walsh, Green Party Candidate and co-founder of the local action group Alliance Against Poverty. This idea has even been supported by 46% of the Canadian population according to a poll. Apart from instituting a guaranteed livable income, the Green Party wants to apply other measures. They would develop a national Pharmacare program, and implement a National Housing Strategy based on Housing First principles and a National Seniors Strategy. The National Seniors Strategy would assure that the aging population would be in good health and could live in their own home for longer. Not only do these measures eliminate poverty, the health-care system will automatically get improved.

According to me, this issue is definitely important. I think that the Green Party’s ideology on poverty should be considered and discussed in a political debate. I believe that our health-care system still has a lot of improvements to be made. I don’t see how getting the poverty rate lower and helping our health-care system is something that has to be thought twice about. We can’t renounce the positive effects of the Green Party’s ideology.