NDP for an Honest Anti-Terrorism Approach

by zachariecouture on Octobre 22, 2015 - 10:45pm

In the result of the election, The New Democratic Party, leaded by Tom Mulcair, lost more than half of its seats and ended up third. However, the party defends many interesting political opinions, including a strong opposition against the Bill C-51, the Conservative’s anti-terrorism project. 


Indeed, Harper’s government law project on building, which suggested to empower the Canadian Security Intelligence Service in order to insure and better fight against terrorism, was highly critiqued by Mulcair, as he referred to it as a gimmick. In fact, he spotted the false dilemma offered by the Conservatives, like if we had to chose between liberty and security. Also, he pointed out that the project’s boundaries we’re too vague and could have various vicious impacts: some manifestation against the pipelines project could be perceived as terrorism and be restricted, for instance. Finally, Mulcair asserted that his party would take all the necessary measures in order to prevent Bill C-51 to go through in its actual form. 


If we compare with the Liberal party, it is in agreement with Mulcair’s opinion but still approve the project… isn’t that contradictory? In brief, the party seems to be much more open-minded then the two other principal occupants at the assembly and defends a certain equilibrium between liberty and security which would not lead to power overindulgence. 


More than that, since the night of the election, Mulcair didn’t appear on any television and didn’t give any direct information to the media. Actually, he was absent from the service to symbolize last year’s terrorist attack on Parliament Hill. Was that a way to demonstrate his strong opposition on the current law project? I guess we’ll discover in the next couple of days.