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Sexy Nuns and Machine Guns: 2D Characters in 3D Worlds

Gendered World Views (Winter 2017, section 11)
               With a short but engorged history of female and minority misrepresentation, it comes as no surprise that even though the graphics of video games are only getting better and more realistic, the characters are still somehow becoming increasingly two-dimensional. The Hitman franchise,...

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The Co-Existence of French and English in Québec

Contemporary Issues/NewsActivist 2017: Champlain, Saint-Lambert
Patrice Bergeron wrote an article for La Presse, a francophone journal, entitled ‘’Le Québec peut aussi parler au monde en Anglais, dit Lisée’’*. This article was published on February 1, 2017, and the following is a summary of Bergeron’s text (

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Camera Movements through TV Directors Job

Have you ever think of all the work that is accomplished behind the screen? In the world of media, several combined movements can create a news report. Camera maneuvers are used to provide different angles and perspectives. That represents one of the several skills the TV news Director needs to...

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Photography Rules

A picture is worth a thousand words. Learning to take good photographs is therefore crucial in journalism. Pictures are complementary to journalistic articles, because they allow to catch the attention of the reader. A few basic photography rules are particularly important to know: the rule of...

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The Art of Scheduling

In professional life, dealing with deadlines on a daily basis becomes normal. Working on a long-term project can be heavy work, if not properly prepared. Making the best of a time given by scheduling the workload is highly suggested. This is a process description of how to manage a television...

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How to Write a Radio Script.

How to Write a Radio Script.   When listening to the radio in a car, a kitchen or at work have you ever wondered if writing a radio script was the same as an essay text? What is following, is a process description of how to write a radio script, according to how it is teach in Media, Art and...

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Animated Films

  3 dimensional (3D) animation is used in many films and appreciated by people all over the world. Young or old, anyone can enjoy a good animated film. As simple as it seems, one will be surprised by the complexity of its making, take Pixar, for example, their process of creating a 3D animated film...

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The Voice of the Many: New Power & Feminism

Contemporary Issues/NewsActivist 2017: Champlain, Saint-Lambert
From March 13 to March 24, the United Nations is holding a commission meeting, in which this year’s theme is women’s economic empowerment. An article by Edith M. Lederer for the Associated Press in TIME reported that last week, the U.N. chief Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that women’s...

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Women in Politics

Contemporary Issues/NewsActivist 2017: Champlain, Saint-Lambert
If you’re a woman who is interested in politics and who wants to access the field, Equal Vote has a great volunteering opportunity for you!   Indeed, Equal Voice, founded in 2001, is a national organization that wishes to make possible the election of more women in Canada at any political level....

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Calvin Klein: “I promote sexism in #mycalvins”

Gendered World Views (Winter 2017, section 11)
As someone who has always loved to keep up with fashion trends, there is no doubt that Calvin Klein has made its comeback. In 2016, they launched their Spring ad campaign that, for the most part, pictures celebrities in their underwear with captions “I _______in #mycalvins”. The ads have featured...

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Student Writing

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Kanye règne sur les plaines LeBreton

Intersession intersession
Kanye West, ce Dieu autoproclamé. Le rappeur d'Atlanta l'a affirmé à plusieurs reprises au cours des dernières année. Selon lui, il est un dieu, ni plus ni moins.  La chose intéressante avec la religion, c'est que nous sommes libre de croire au dieu de notre choix. Certains ont mené une croisade contre Yeezus, récoltant au passage près de 1700 signatures pour exiger pour que West ne puisse se produire, vendredi, au Bluesfest d'Ottawa.

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Illegality of Marijuana In Canada

ISSS - 331 & 332
A. The topic of this essay will talk about how Marijuana should be legal In Canada due to all the benefits that surround Cannabis. This paper will be comparative and analytical; it will compare two points of view, the positive outcomes and the negative outcomes of legalizing Marijuana. Then, this paper will explain some plans to decrease the negative outcomes and instead of making it a problem we make this a solution.
P-M Gauthier

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About article

Academic Writing III T50
When I finish the reading, I was very impression by this article. I thought Kennedy is very great parson. This story has many problems about America and Japan. But this is difficult and very deep. So this topic can’t find the answer in clearly. But we have to think about this topic because this topic can’t separate our life. I think U.S. is very important country for us. So we have to think and about this article. If we can get good relationships to America, we get many advantages.
Q-taro 5132051

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Les Aptitudes et Compétence dans les affaire

Français des Affaires
Les aptitudes et compétence une personne devrait avoir pour lancer en affaire c'est de être bonne avec les chiffres, doit être patiente, persistent, avoir un caractère décisif, et aussi travailler bien avec les autres.

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Aptitudes et compétences

Français des Affaires
Lorsque quelqu'un veut se lancer en affaire, ils doivent avoir certaine aptitudes et compétences. Par exemple, être bon à gerer les gens, communication orale, écrit et surtout à l'écoute. Cette personne dois être capable de gerer leur stress, car se lancer en affaire est une domaine très charger et exigeant. Vous devez être créatif quand il vien le temps de faire quelque chose important. Aussi vous devriez être bon à prédire les ventes et les conditions économique.

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Les aptitudes en affaires

Français des Affaires
La personne devrait avoir l'aptitude dans les affaires et doit aimer travailler avec des chiffres. La personne doit également avoir la commande à réussir. Les qualifications interpersonnelles ont également eu besoin dans le monde d'affaires. Ils devraient également avoir les qualifications de résolution des problèmes.

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