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If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Writing IIIC 2017
When you wake up every morning, what do you do first? I usually check LINE on my smartphone. In the train for school, I often read the text messages on Twitter. After I get home, I cannot help touching my smartphone and I chat with my friends on LINE and Twitter by turns. To be honest, I feel tired...

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The Second Wave of Automation

Contemporary Issues/NewsActivist 2017: Champlain, Saint-Lambert
Abstract: The second wave of automation has the capacity to reshape to working world, and for that reason a good amount of fear has circulated about its potential to create a massively unequal society, in terms of income, which would see an even wider gap than currently. This essay examines the...

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Feminism & Activism

Contemporary Issues/NewsActivist 2017: Champlain, Saint-Lambert
When volunteering at the Women’s Center of Montreal, on April 28th, I attended a discussion with 27 people of various age groups, with 23 of them being female, on how to integrate women immigrants into our community. As I have been writing about sexual violence as well as various women’s issues for...
Naomie Tat

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Feminism, Social Media, & Intersectionality; My Volunteer Work

Contemporary Issues/NewsActivist 2017: Champlain, Saint-Lambert
"We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back." -Malala Yousafzai "The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity" -Viola Davis "In my nervousness for this speech and my moments of doubt, I've told myself firmly, 'If not me, who? If not when, how?'" -Emma Watson...

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         Bees          In the past few years there has been an extreme shortage of bees and bee activity all around the world. Honey bees are extraordinary insects, and they are hugely important to our environment. I chose this article because this will effect my family, your family, and...

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New Male Birth Contraceptives

New Male Birth Contraceptives   Young girls and women everywhere instantly begin to think about what form of birth control will work for them the moment they have their first sexual encounter. But the question is, why do females instantly take on this precaution while men barely need to think ahead...

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Scientists say they are making progress in a Zika vaccine            I was interested in learning about vaccines after reading about the super-bug. The article that I picked talks about discovering a vaccine the Zika virus. The virus is caused by...

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Male Birth Control Study Killed After Men Report Side Effects

              The article I chose for my final project was about a male birth control study. In this study, researchers took 320 men from different countries around the world and gave each of them a birth control shot. In the shot was two hormones to greatly reduce sperm count, which then lowers...

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Anti-biotics and PTSD

           In this article, researchers are learning that the antibiotic Doxycycline may be a new and helpful treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly known as PTSD, is a term for a broad range of psychological symptoms that can develop after...

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Gut Health & Mental Health

If I had to pick a theme for my life over the past year, it would be learning to listen to my gut. The article “Mental Health May Depend on Creatures in the Gut” ( has helped me understand that what we...

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Student Writing

(Editorials, News Summaries, Blog posts and Volunteer Opportunities)

Kanye règne sur les plaines LeBreton

Intersession intersession
Kanye West, ce Dieu autoproclamé. Le rappeur d'Atlanta l'a affirmé à plusieurs reprises au cours des dernières année. Selon lui, il est un dieu, ni plus ni moins.  La chose intéressante avec la religion, c'est que nous sommes libre de croire au dieu de notre choix. Certains ont mené une croisade contre Yeezus, récoltant au passage près de 1700 signatures pour exiger pour que West ne puisse se produire, vendredi, au Bluesfest d'Ottawa.

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Illegality of Marijuana In Canada

ISSS - 331 & 332
A. The topic of this essay will talk about how Marijuana should be legal In Canada due to all the benefits that surround Cannabis. This paper will be comparative and analytical; it will compare two points of view, the positive outcomes and the negative outcomes of legalizing Marijuana. Then, this paper will explain some plans to decrease the negative outcomes and instead of making it a problem we make this a solution.
P-M Gauthier

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About article

Academic Writing III T50
When I finish the reading, I was very impression by this article. I thought Kennedy is very great parson. This story has many problems about America and Japan. But this is difficult and very deep. So this topic can’t find the answer in clearly. But we have to think about this topic because this topic can’t separate our life. I think U.S. is very important country for us. So we have to think and about this article. If we can get good relationships to America, we get many advantages.
Q-taro 5132051

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Les Aptitudes et Compétence dans les affaire

Français des Affaires
Les aptitudes et compétence une personne devrait avoir pour lancer en affaire c'est de être bonne avec les chiffres, doit être patiente, persistent, avoir un caractère décisif, et aussi travailler bien avec les autres.

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Aptitudes et compétences

Français des Affaires
Lorsque quelqu'un veut se lancer en affaire, ils doivent avoir certaine aptitudes et compétences. Par exemple, être bon à gerer les gens, communication orale, écrit et surtout à l'écoute. Cette personne dois être capable de gerer leur stress, car se lancer en affaire est une domaine très charger et exigeant. Vous devez être créatif quand il vien le temps de faire quelque chose important. Aussi vous devriez être bon à prédire les ventes et les conditions économique.

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Les aptitudes en affaires

Français des Affaires
La personne devrait avoir l'aptitude dans les affaires et doit aimer travailler avec des chiffres. La personne doit également avoir la commande à réussir. Les qualifications interpersonnelles ont également eu besoin dans le monde d'affaires. Ils devraient également avoir les qualifications de résolution des problèmes.

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