Wind Power

by DrEmmaH on November 17, 2014 - 3:32am

This fourth task aims to explore similarities and differences in the UK and USA in the public’s attitude to wind power. You (the UK based students) have been given two articles by Jones & Eiser (2009 & 2010). You will need these and maybe some of the papers they cite for your Field trip Essay for 114GED. Below are some guide questions to help you read, interpret and understand these two articles. You will also have access to a summary of two journal article of US based studies of public attitudes to wind power.


What you & your US group need to do:

1)      Read the UK & US summaries

2)      Have a Skype discussion about how attitudes vary between the two countries. Questions you may wish to address could include:

a.       In what ways are UK and US attitudes different?

b.      What differences are there in the key areas of concern e.g. visual intrusion, noise, small scale contribution to climate change

c.       What contribution does wind power make to electricity supply in the US vs the UK?

3)      Post a summary of your conversation to News Activist. 

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