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In Robert Hogg’s article,” Masculinity and violence: the men who play rugby league,” he points out the fact that violence is seen as a nature of the game of rugby. The amount of violence involved in a game of rugby seems to be accepted by the general audience. Violence is also considered as a normal characteristic of masculinity. As the former New South Wales and Australian halfback Tommy Raudonikis suggests, Rugby league is a hard game played by hard men (Hogg).

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In Kirsten West Savali’s article (The root, June 2 2015), the author argues about the ambiguity that surrounds our social media and the touchy subject or racism. She starts off by quoting Malcom X from one of his speeches where he says that if you believe everything said in the media, you will end up despising the despised and supporting the oppressors. The author uses this example to depict the time when black people did not have the same rights than white people. As for today, she feels that the situation did improve, but that racism is still in people’s minds in a more implicit way.

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Feminists have been fighting for gender equality for many years. As a result, some countries today have different laws that protect women’s rights such as Equal Pay Act and Pay Equity Act. However, the gender issue in society has not been completely solved yet. In advertisement, for example, women are treated differently, and sometimes in an inacceptable way.  

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The article of Thursday, July 23, 2015, “Beauty Pageants Blackface, and Bigotry: Japan’s Problems with Racism,” wrote by Maya Wesby on, addressed the issue of racism in the Japanese society. It shows the situation which mixed people in Japan are facing. This article explains well the issue of racism in this country, which is mostly related to the “purity” of blood. The first matter shown is the controversy related to the representation of the country by Ariana Miyamoto, a Japanese African American woman, in the 2015 Miss Universe.

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