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About cancer, everyone knows that this disease is about mutant cells and its spread through all body. However, there is an old research believes that there is another source can lead to cancer. It was called the epigenetic alteration. The study showed that "epigenetic changes – which don’t change the DNA sequence but how it is ‘read'." This issue does not change or mutate any gene in the DNA sequence, but it acts like a switch off to inactivate any particular gene; the gene is turned off  can affect to the function of other companies.

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Hirschsprung disease affects the large intestine of newborns, babies, and todadlers. It can cause constipation, diarrhea, and vomiting and sometimes lead to serious colon complications, like enterocolitis and toxic megacolon, which can be life-threatening. Children who have Hirschsprung disease are missing those nerves along part of the length of their colons.

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The overall purpose of breeding to create a see-through frog was done in order to benefit students, and the organisms themselves. Often, frogs are used for visual labs in schools, colleges, etc. Therefore scientists wanted to create a frog that could be used as a model without being dissected in order to observe its organs, blood vessels, and structure. By breeding two recessive colored frogs by artificial insemination, F2 generation offsprings of the Rapa Japonica frog, created an entirely translucent variation of the species.

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