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North American people have a lot of rights and most of them are free to make their own choices. Although they must respect the law, they sometimes choose the wrong way and decide to go against it. This is exactly what happens to many young men and women who are involved in marijuana traffic and suffer from this illegal drug market each year in North America. However, legalizing, regulating and restricting access to marijuana would have many good effects on population.

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Since a few decades, people have followed the vegetarianism movement. Many of us are now wondering why do people try vegetarianism and what benefits does it have for our planet and us. Some people do believe in animal rights and cruelty but many are also concerned about the environmental degradation of our fascinating planet that’s called ‘the earth’. While I did some research on the subject, this ethical question often distinguished itself: Should we banish the meat industry in order to save the planet?

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  The article “No Justice, No Peace” written by Cassandra Chaney and Danielle Joy Davis describe the events of August 9, 2014 in Ferguson Missouri and how the police misconduct lead to many riot and protests around North America.

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To begin with, the article I chose is named “UK scientists ready to genetically modify human embryos” written by Ian Sample in The Guardian online newspaper. Furthermore, this article explains that some scientists in the UK want to get approval to genetically modify human embryos to enhance the research on miscarriages and to understand it better which will maybe help find the true causes behind it. This could lead to genetically editing embryos in the future to reduce miscarriages.

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