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   In an article written by Evelyn Boychuk, Sea Anemones Found Living Beneath Antarctic Ice Shelf the author reports about a new species that have been found living under different ice shelves in Antarctica. A research team from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, after drilling through the Antarctic ice, they noticed that the ice was fuzzy. Once they removed more equipment they noticed anemones swimming around the top of the water. This became a shock to the researchers as they did not know that anemones could survive in such freezing water.

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Venezuela’s economic plans to produce oil first appeared to be a great economic and political advancement. However, the plan is starting to fall apart as costs for construction increase, as well as the increasing debt. Many (if not all) of the countries in South America were involved in this plan, however when the prices increased, countries like Guatemala backed out of the deal saying that they did not agree to higher priced rates. Furthermore, countries like Colombia and Brazil came to collect on debts that had not been paid off, leaving Venezuela economically and politically weaker.

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