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With the fast developments in media technology, viewers should be able to receive a “similar picture of the political world, featuring conflicting perspectives on political issues” (Davis 2016). However, that is currently not the case for consumers in the United States. The market is dominated by a hand full of corporations, as consequence when it comes to news media the messages filtered through are very limited: Conservative, Liberal, and sometimes neutral. 

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              Trump’s America is a scary place. Innocent people are being called out and threatened all because of what religion they belong to or what race they are or the colour of their skin.                Innocent men and women being killed and tormented all for the way they live their lives. Parents telling their daughters to take off the hijabs and to not wear them to protect them from the harassment. People throughout America are being harassed and because of this harassment they are forced to try and hide their religion.

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War has always caused destruction, war has always took away loved ones and ripped families apart. This seems to be happening more and more in the last decade and half. The recent internal and international conflicts in the Middle East have pushed the number refugees to an all time high, men, women, children of different ages and nationalists are all trying to flee their home countries to avoid prosecution or being hit by a drone strike.

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The English Physician Enlarged with 369 Medicine Made of English Herbs  is written a gentleman by the name of Nicholas Culpepper who was a student of physics. The publication date indicates 1794, however it is mostly likely that this is a reprint and not it’s original edition as the author died over a century earlier in 1654. The book is quite small with the detentions of 17x11x3 and only weights about 300g, it has no particular smell.

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On July 27 2015, New York Times posted an article discussing how the suicide rates are increasing and the reason for it is because everyone strives to be perfect. According to the article suicide rates among 15 to 24 year olds have increased from 9.6 deaths per 100,000 to 11.1 deaths. A survey done by college counselors found that 50 percent of their clients have extremely bad cases of psychological problems such as anxiety and depression; it has risen by 13 percent in just two years.

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An article by Esquire titled “How Toxic Masculinity Poisoned the 2016 Election” discusses about the role hegemonic masculinity plays in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. A large quantity of men in today’s society are feeling emasculated, and insecure about they masculinity. They feel as though her manhood is under attack.  As the writer of this article, Stephen Marche, wrote in his thesis “ the ancient iconographies of men are collapsing, and many men are lost and suffering in the wake of that collapse”. 

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For decades, women’s bodies have always been objectified in ads and commercials.  Even in the 40s and 50s when sexist ads seemed to be at its peck featuring mocking slogans and women bear foot in the kitchen, they have never shown images of a woman’s body that is as provocative and as degrading as the ads we see today.  

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The fashion industry is a really hard industry. This industry have many parts, plus size, child, sport etc. One thing sure if you want your brand to get bigger you have to be able to fit many categorie of customer in it but what happen when one of the famous brand CEO start to criticize a certain categories of person?  

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