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Since as long as we can remember, people rely on religion to provide answer on what is still considered enigmas for the scientists. These religion may all differ from one another, but the big majority have one thing in common: “Give thanks and praise to the Lord and [we] will feel all right’’ (One Love - Bob Marley). In other words, believe in God and he will look after you. It is to say, Rastafarianism shared affinity with Judeo-Christianism.  

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‘’One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.’’ (Trenchtown Rock - Bob Marley and the Wailers). During all his life, Bob Marley defended equality and love by the only power of his words, sometimes sharper than razor blades.   

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In the result of the election, The New Democratic Party, leaded by Tom Mulcair, lost more than half of its seats and ended up third. However, the party defends many interesting political opinions, including a strong opposition against the Bill C-51, the Conservative’s anti-terrorism project.   

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As I must admit, Champlain is a very intimate school. However, we should stay in contact with the different scholastic debates (like the strike, for instance) that take place in the other institutions of the region. And even more when these conflicts touch our own establishment.

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Is it possible that the World stopped turning for 15 minutes? That depends if you are one of the 1.49 billion users of Facebook. Sadly, the CBC article about the tiny technical issue of the largest social network is worth the first place on Google feed as I typed “news” this evening.

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Whenever you’re going shopping, you can observe that everything is broken down into two big sections: the male section and the female section. The difference is more striking in children clothes shops: you have blue coloured items for boys and pink and glittery items for girls. Some mothers are tired and want to break free of gender stereotypes so they founded #ClothesWithoutLimits.  

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Money buys you power, and power buys you respect? That’s not exactly how it works unfortunately for all of you who think you got it all figured out. However, we shouldn’t fall such on the defensive every time a VIP offers funds to an organism.

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The 21st century might be called the century of space exploration, but I'd prefer it to be remembered as the century of contradiction. We say we need to eat healthier and excercise, yet we live in a world where being obese before being 30 is almost normal. We praise self-acceptance and reclaim realistic beauty standards yet we encourge an industry only selling us dream and impossible body images. Marketing has more power on us than we think, as explained in a CBC article about ''fairy products''. What secrets are hidden behind the bar codes?

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Think about $22tn, 22 trillion of dollars! That is the amount of money that would be saved, and reinvested for the good, if we would simply be ready to all take a lesson on ecological development (making it sustainable for instance) and transform step by step our municipalities into climate-smart cities.

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You surely have already heard about Henrik Harlaut ( you may know him as E-Dollo ), haven't you? You know, that professional freeskier from Sweden with long dreadlocks and who's always smiling? The same guy who won 2014 X games ski big air competiton with the first nose butter triple corks ever landed. Well, he broke his collarbone this winter ( in case you didin't knew ) but guess what, he's back on his skis.

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In an article of CBC News published on October 1st, 2014, it is explained how deeply the freeskiing community was affected on an international scale by the death of JP Auclair, professional freeskier and cofounder of Armada Skis.

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Lately in the news, there has been much debate about the recent anti-terror bill passed by the Canadian federal government to expand the powers and jurisdiction of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).  In the recent C-51 anti-terror bill, CSIS will have the control of monitoring all Canadians very closely and also be able to access our secret information.  This is practically all in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks on Ottawa this fall that passed, and other similar terrorist attacks seen all around the globe.  Many Canadians, including a former spy for CSIS, Francois L

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