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I think I want to write about global warming. I feel like I have been told since I was a small problem of global warming. Recently, summer is hot compared to the old days, winter is also getting warmer. This temperature change is not only up 0.5 degrees slightly compared to 100 years ago and to the average of the Earth. In the latest report agency of the United Nations of the (IPCC), "in the next 100 years, the temperature rise of 6.4 degrees maximum," that temperature rise of more than 10 times I have been predicted as compared to the 100 years up to now.

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I want to write about the population problem of Japan. Everyone As you know, Japan is an aging society, the proportion of (person of 65 years of age or older) elderly as a percentage of the entire nation in 2008 currently 23.26 million people, some 10.03 million people person of 75 years or more of them . Country proud of the elderly population ratio Japan 18.5% of the total population of the elderly, even in the world really. It is estimated that the ratio is more than 25% in 2025.

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The society worldwide is ageing, it is estimated that the population will shrink about 31.9 percent in 2060 as the average of the total fertility rate per woman in the developed countries is getting lower. Facing these problems, there are people arguing the positive effects and others the negative ones. In the following, I would like to discuss both opinions in regard to Japan and also what could be done about it.  

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Hunger people On this planet, we are suffering without being able to be one person get food to about seven. Hunger problem is a big problem for us to work with the highest priority. When is one of the seven billion people "I" begins, the circle of love is spread, I love to change the world before long. From Japan Food for the Hungry International Organization. I would like to separate four points to write the sentences, therefore I want to be clearly my thoughts.

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I think that I want to think about hunger from here on out. At first, I want to review about it. Hunger (starvation) is malnutrition continues by lack of the food, and the state that comes to have difficulty in maintenance of the physical condition. When somebody dies for it, through a state of the malnutrition, someone is said to be death from hunger. In the case of the famine, the whole area becomes the starvation state.

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I just quote the mining of Omi-Shonin from Wikipedia. It said that E-shu merchant (Omi Shonin, Omi merchants) or Omi merchants (Australia saint), negotiations and, (I Gosho), merchant of Omi country, Shiga Prefecture, which was active between (before World War II in particular) Showa era from the Kamakura period mainly. It is one of Japan’s three major merchants, along with Osaka merchant Ise merchant. Sometimes popularly referred to as Omi merchant entrepreneurs Shiga Prefecture today.

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Do you know “Omi Merchants”. It was famous merchant in Shiga before war. Their activity is trade where in outside of Omi. Omi Merchants are respects the religion. They made some Moral discipline and Action philosophy. So it is from generation to generation I was told as family precepts each merchant each. Some systems what made by them, change the shape with the times, still there now. Their thought and action philosophy is “Sanpo Yoshi”. “Sanpo Yoshi” has three means.

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I want to write about my city. My town is not less famous, but there are a lot of attractive places there. Do you know how much for Shimane Prefecture? Where is the Shimane Prefecture perhaps? Some people have even a question like that. Shimane Prefecture is one of the Chugoku region. My town is where it is referred to as Izumo. It is a place like neither country nor city. But movement is very troublesome that there is no car.

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My cool japan is W cup of football club. In 2014, Japanese football club team was decided to attend the W cup of football club in Brazil. Same day, W Cup organizing committee of FIFA Federation International de Football Association opened the pot divided briefing and they had preparation for grouping draw for the 2014 W Cup Brazil tournament. Japanese football club team has determined same as North and Central America representative is third pot containing.

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Kenichiro Sasae is the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the US. His birthday is September 25. Kenichiro Sasae’s age is 62th. He graduated from Tokyo University in 1974. He is working in the USA. He had been at the post for two years. His hometown is Kurashiki city, Okayama. He graduated from Tokyo University in 1974. After entered Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, he received English training.

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First, I will introduce about Caroline Kennedy. She is United States ambassador to Japan. Her birthday is November 27th in 1957. She is 56 years old. She was born in New York City. Her father was an American President. Her father was assassinated on November 22th in 1963. She graduated from Radcliffe University. After that she acquired her lawyers qualification. In 1986, she married. She became an ambassador formally in 2013.

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I would like to write about cool japan. My cool japan is Sakura. Sakura is a plant indigenous of japan. It is good to watch when the cllimate is warm in spring. It is also pink. By the way, in my hometown, cherry blossoms are in full bloom near my house. Being widely distributed for a priod of time and beautifull is that eating cherry. I think it is not good. I want to give you introduce a lot, because there is not too deeply involved in the foreign.

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This is about Caroline Kennedy who has become the first female U.S. ambassador in japan. She traveled to the northeast of the country to visit areas devastated by the 2011 tsunami. The name of this place is Minami sanriku. There are a lot of houses which by a disaster. She went to there and talked with the women about their lives and then she admired their courage and resilience. And also she was just one of several new ambassadors to visit the emperor. I think she is great one of the women. I have never heard like this news, so I think she is great.

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 I read this text and I would like to write about my thoughts. At first, main key person in this story is Caroline Kennedy. She has the family that is so famous in US, and her father was president. Even though she has been grown up in such around, one day, her step was in Japan where were devastated by 2011 tunami. On the basis, she felt from the disaster victims, she was someone could become a bridge between foreign. I felt I also have to do something between foreigners. If it were not big or very wealth thing and so on, I want to get someone’s smile.

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When I finish the reading, I was very impression by this article. I thought Kennedy is very great parson. This story has many problems about America and Japan. But this is difficult and very deep. So this topic can’t find the answer in clearly. But we have to think about this topic because this topic can’t separate our life. I think U.S. is very important country for us. So we have to think and about this article. If we can get good relationships to America, we get many advantages.

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<p align="left">At first, she was born in 1957 and she is lower in the US. In 2008, she helped Obama president, so she became famous.</p><p align="left">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; In 2011, she came to Tokyo in Japan. A few days later, she went to northeast of Japan in order to visit an area which go to ruin. She sat down to talk with a woman who survived during disaster.

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