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Education for those with disabilities is crucial to their individual success. Does the United States education system accommodate the needs of these individuals appropriately?

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Yisel Perez Aguiar  Anthropology 381-204-LA  The myth of race and the reality of racism  Group 544  October 19th 2016  Trump and modern racism 

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Many waitresses and waiters are sexually harassed while they are at work by customers, manager and coworkers. A lot of workers are sexually harassed verbally and physically.

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For centuries, race was believed to be a legit basis for the social classification of groups. Although it is scientifically proven that race does not exist in the human genome, people still choose to believe it is real. This is due to the fact that " what is defined as real its real in its consequences" according to the Thomas theorem. As stated in class, the dominant group imposes the concept of race because it benefits them. Because of this, people are negatively affected by this social concept. 

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