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Public Transportation   By: Emilie Beauchemin,Laura Henry, Lora Damyanova and Olivia Mazzarello   Public transportation has been an important factor that has facilitated a lot of advantages for the community and for your wallet. There’s no doubt that these transportations saves us time and money but it also creates less pollution towards the environment.   How Public Transport Helps the Environment and People

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Switzerland has four official languages, being German, French, Italian and Romansh. 63% of the population speaks German, while 23% speaks French, 8% speaks Italian and 1% speaks Romansh. However, the three first languages appears on every official documents, while the last one is in danger of extinction. Furthermore, Switzerland has its own German, French and Italian dialects, as a result, language plays a huge part in Swiss’ identity.   

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In the article “Beijing's smog: A tale of two cities”, the authors Joshua Berlinger, Steve George and Serenitie Wang demonstrate the negative effects of smog on the heath of people in Beijing and the Chinese society. By doing so, they want to help people to better understand the catastrophic effects that the air-pollution has. If people can know more facts about this issue, then they can also potentially improve the situation. The authors start the article by describing the equipments that a high-income Chinese family uses to purify and filter the polluted-air in their home.

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In his article, Mr. Krishnamurthy tells us about India’s urban population growth and how it brings many issues for Indian cities to deal with. Indeed, from 2001 to 2011, the urban population increased by 91 million. As of right now, more than 377 million Indians live in urban areas. This urban growth is explained by the author due to the fact that, because agriculture and related activities were the sole occupation available for people in rural areas and land being a limited resource, as the population grew, land could not support any further addition to the labour force in rural areas.

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