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In Denton Callander, Christy E. Newman and Martin Holt’s (2015) study talks about the sexual racism on social media in the LGBT community but more precisely at men that identify as gay or bisexual. They check if there was any correlation between the attitude towards sexual preference, multiculturalism, sexual racism, ethnicity, education degree and sexual identity. It was mentioned in the article that people who had a preference towards certain ethnicity or a “no dating rule” towards a certain ethnicity is considered as sexual racism.

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From slavery to economic inequality in contemporary society, African Americans have a history of being marginalized. In an article by William Wilson, the important relationship between race (African Americans) and income segregation (joblessness) is analyzed in a thought provoking way.

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So Halloween is coming soon, everyone is looking for idea what to be. It’s that time of the year, where Halloween shops pops up to sell theie ridiculous expensive costume. People in Canada are outraged because some of these shops are selling “indigenous” costumes and they want to the company to stop manufactured these costumes. Which I completely understand why they’re frustrated about this.  I personally think they should stop selling and making those costume, because people will act it out and pretend to be an indigenous person.

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             Look at this ad. And I mean really look at it.  

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When people lay their eyes on me, they can clearly see I’m not Caucasian. When I was a kid, I didn’t realize people are curious about my ethnicity background, because during my middle school, half of the students were Asian. Therefore, I would rarely get the question “Where are you from?” since I was born in Canada, until I got to high school. We weren’t really “visibly” diverse, so each time I meet someone new they will ask the question, and I would give them a short and innocent answer “Here”.

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