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Voluntary euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide are presently a few of the most controversial topics in the media. News articles, television shows and movies, uniquely present information regarding the debate of those two topics. In the National Post, on April 1st 2015, author Sharon Kirkey writes an article on the decision of Canadian medical schools to introduce voluntary euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide in the curriculum. However, does the news media represent the Canadian faculties of medicine in regard to issue of euthanasia in an ethical way? Indeed it does.

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For the past few years, and especially now in 2015, the transgender and non-binary community's voices have become louder and louder. The details of Bruce Jenner's transition are all over the news, and celebrities like Laverne Cox are getting more and more recognition for their talent, not just their non-conformity. While non-binary and non-gender conforming people are being seen by the public with more passion and empathy than ever, there are still serious issues that trans, non-binary and other people face on a daily basis.

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Nowadays, since there is some places in the world that have not the best conditions to live, there is a lot of emigration from those countries. Where do migrant go? They try to look for a better environment where there is opportunities and respect for the workers. Most of the time, these people chose to install themselves in an industrialized country as U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, etc. Unfortunately for the migrant workers, the language used in that country is often a different one from their own.

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            Most parents have told their kids that vegetables are good for them. However, what would happen if your grand-father or a family member was a person only being able to live off of life sustaining therapy in a vegetable state? Many physicians and family members often struggle to decide whether to pull the plug or not of the patient, knowing full well he or she cannot live without the help of machinery. What exactly is the “moral” decision? Should you simply end the patient’s life? Should you keep him or her alive and see what happens next?

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