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Since a few decades, people have followed the vegetarianism movement. Many of us are now wondering why do people try vegetarianism and what benefits does it have for our planet and us. Some people do believe in animal rights and cruelty but many are also concerned about the environmental degradation of our fascinating planet that’s called ‘the earth’. While I did some research on the subject, this ethical question often distinguished itself: Should we banish the meat industry in order to save the planet?

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  The article “No Justice, No Peace” written by Cassandra Chaney and Danielle Joy Davis describe the events of August 9, 2014 in Ferguson Missouri and how the police misconduct lead to many riot and protests around North America.

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The article “Colin Kaepernick Takes a Knee in Latest Anthem Protest” (2016) by Greg Beacham talks about how the NFL player Colin Kaepernick (who plays for the San Francisco 49ers) is protesting against different societal problems in American society such as police brutality, oppression and fighting for equality. He does this by sitting down (the first time) and taking a knee while the national anthem plays during the pre-game. This sparked a lot of controversy and many people criticized Kaepernick’s act for disrespecting the U.S. military and an American tradition.

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Holding the Olympic Games in an underdeveloped country may not be such a good idea because of the many controversies looming over Rio de Janeiro for the last 20 years. “They said everything to win the Olympic Games, but they said one thing and did another thing,” proclaimed the biologist Mario Moscatelli (“This is a shame” 1). More importantly, water pollution reigns over the Games and the country itself. Rio residents and athletes from all around the world are concerned about those filthy waters.

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