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As of today, the amount of Internet users reaches over 3 billions worldwide. There are many reasons that explain that gigantic number. Many people use the Internet to stay in contact with people they know, whereas many others use it for online shopping, entertainment or multiple other purposes. The world contains a great number of online communities. Some of these are clearly exceptional because of the way they use online services. China’s online community is part of these exceptions.

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One of the biggest debates right now is about the legalization of marijuana. It shouldn't be legalized because of the effects that come with it. It's in the same categorie as alcohol. It's not a safe way to stop the illegal traffic because consumers will turn themselves to different drugs witch are even more unsafe to use. It's important at this point to see how hard it is to completely stop an illegal activity such as drug dealing. People will always find a way to buy this drug even if it's considered legal.

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Apple products have many flaws, Apple don’t work on their products like other the companies competing in the market. The "I" brand is very restricted on many levels, the operating system of these products is designed to work on Apple hardware only. Windows and Linux on the other hand, have a ton of different combination possible to work with, you can use an Intel processor on an ASUS motherboard with an AMD graphic card with no problem. Mac computers cannot do such thing, every piece of hardware has to be from Apple or the computer is not going to work.

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On March 9th, 2016 the Washington Post published an article by Sari Horwitz entitled, “The Hard Lives - and High Suicide Rate - of Native American Children on Reservations” which provided some insight on the alarming rates of suicide in the aboriginal community. On the Gila River Indian reservation in Arizona, eight teens have killed themselves over the past year and there are several sights, such as a particular tree where one girl hung herself, where they are advised to stay away from because of superstitious reasons.

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