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What Is The Man Box?                 The man box is a metaphorical box that categorizes what a man should be (inside the box), and what they shouldn’t (outside the box). This man box was created by our society, and is policed by guys and even girls. This man box is enforced to little boys at a young age and they are taught to follow it and if not be called “gay”, “pussy”, “fag”, etc..

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            Uproar of powerful emotions from the general public has arisen after the unarmed shooting of Michael Brown from Ferguson, Missouri.  But this time, feminists have stepped up to the plate on talking about racism.  In the article ‘Feminists Take on Race and Police Conduct Post-Ferguson’ written by Ruth Tam (published in the Washington Post on September 1st), it explains how Caucasian feminists are beginning to realize and acknowledge how much race has an impact on women’s lives.  Before, Caucasian feminists have put an extreme emphasis on gender inequality and income inequality be

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<p align="center"><strong><u>How to Sell Things to Men</u></strong></p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Buying and selling is a huge part of our world which we all are a part of, but how we sell specific things to specific people is done very differently. All over the world, in all types of media, we use women’s bodies to sell things to men. (Also know as women objectification) We use women as an object in media which is completely immoral.

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