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            In today’s society, the media, whilst still being an intangible concept that is difficult to define, has become a force powerful enough to connect the entire population of the planet, turning thoughts into actions, and actions into change.  Being able to greatly amplify one’s voice through platforms such as the radio, newspapers, television etc. is both a blessing and a curse: with access to the rapid and easy spread of information also comes an enormous amount of responsibility.  

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In today’s society, celebrities are under the watchful eye of the millions of fans that support them. However, just because they have millions of supporters does not justify everything they do. This being said, should celebrities be morally obliged to be good role models? This article will use two different ethical views, virtue ethics and teleology, to analyze the question at hand.  

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           It is a clear and known fact that women in media are often seen as the object and not the subject. Women have been fighting for decades to gain the equality that is well deserved, but when people like Robin Thicke come along, all the blood, sweat, and tears that those women went through to get to where we are today sets society years back. In 2013 Robin Thicke created a very controversial and demeaning song and music video called “Blurred Lines”.

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Unfortunately in the field of law, although there are many moral aspects necessary for the system to work such as total honesty when in court both on the defendant side as well as that of the guilty, un-biased bystanders etc. not everyone always abides by them and this can cause problems in an already complicated system. When a trial begins, everybody involved must repeat an oath promising to tell the truth of the events that occurred. Honesty is a very important value because it is crucial  in many different professions.   

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Running through the 6...

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