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As I was growing up till now I never knew there was a such thing called the “man box” I tough the rules of the MA box was a regular thing that a man should do. Then when this was presented to me, I saw that this is something that was tough for us from a young age. Like if something happened an that you cry he's going to tell you stuff like “man up” or “man don't cry” and much other stuff.

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      When gaming is mentionned, one of the first things that come into people's mind is "boys" or "guys". That should no longer be the case though, because a a study revealed that 52% of gamers are now women. The trope of video games being for guys is outdated, since the majority of the gamers now consists of girls. This new wave of female gamers came with the appearance of games on smart phones, as it made playing casual games much more accessible.  

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          The article "Discrimination in Housing Against Nonwhites Persists Quietly, U.S. Study Finds" written by Shaila Dewan in The New York Times from June 11th, 2013 argues that racism against "nonwhites" is still apparent even in today's modern day U.S. society.

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I agree with what Décoste says in her article Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Canada's Approach to Racism. The media tends to stereotype minorities and in doing so gives the general public the idea that white people are less likely to commit crimes than people of colour, for example; if there was no bias towards which stories were told in the news then this sort of issue wouldn't happen. How come when a murder is committed and the suspect is black, it's one of the first things the anchors mention...but when he or she is white, it goes unsaid?

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