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We often hear about how sport can help the students with studying. Sometimes, a tip you will hear is when studying, after a certain time, you should take a break and go do some physical activity to free your mind. In fact, it has been proven by researchers that sport and education work well together. But it seems like institutions think in another way since sports in school are less and less present. Written by Jay P. Greene and Daniel H. Bowen, this article from the New York Times talks about the advantages of insetting sports in the academic program of the students.

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Money buys you power, and power buys you respect? That’s not exactly how it works unfortunately for all of you who think you got it all figured out. However, we shouldn’t fall such on the defensive every time a VIP offers funds to an organism.

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One of the most popular pictures we have seen lately in every media is the picture of Alan Kurdi, that three years old Syrian boy who was found dead on the shore in Turkey. The young boy and his family drowned trying to escape their country, Syria. This article talks about what measures the Quebec and Canadian governments came up with to face the issue of thousands of Syrian refugees.

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These days in the province of Quebec, the subject of strike and schools is something students and teachers just can’t ignore. In fact, certain schools have already been affected by the issue happening between the government and the teachers. From my personal point of view, as a student of Champlain College in St-Lambert, I might be affected since I’ve learned from an external source (that I won’t name for privacy) that 68% of Champlain’s teachers have voted in favour of a 6 day strike, if necessary.

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In the month of July 2014, The New York Times made history by becoming the first national paper to publish an article on marijuana prohibition. Marijuana is such a taboo subject these days in our society but we can't just ignore it, especially with the elections coming up. What will happen with pot and Canada? Will it finally be legalize? Here are the 3 best reasons, from my personal opinion, on why Canada should do like Colorado state ( USA ) and legalize weed.

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You surely have already heard about Henrik Harlaut ( you may know him as E-Dollo ), haven't you? You know, that professional freeskier from Sweden with long dreadlocks and who's always smiling? The same guy who won 2014 X games ski big air competiton with the first nose butter triple corks ever landed. Well, he broke his collarbone this winter ( in case you didin't knew ) but guess what, he's back on his skis.

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In an article of CBC News published on October 1st, 2014, it is explained how deeply the freeskiing community was affected on an international scale by the death of JP Auclair, professional freeskier and cofounder of Armada Skis.

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