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Climate change is the ultimate wicked problem and we often overlook the impacts unless they are happening to us directly. Here in Southern Ontario we are not directly affected by these changes, so we turn a blind eye to fellow Canadians in the Arctic. Inuit communities are faced with negative social and environmental impacts caused by climate change. I came across an article by CBC News writer Sima Sahar Zerehi reviewing a book written by various Inuit authors from the Canadian Arctic.

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Extinction Prevention: Wildlife Corridors             

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John Vidal writes in the “The Guardian” about how microplastics should be banned to save the world’s oceans. A group of MP’s on the United Kingdom’s Environmental Audit Committee address the microplastics problem and the need for microbeads to be banned. Microplastics are tiny fragments of plastic found in the ocean due to the breaking down of larger plastic debris, small synthetic fibres from clothing, or microbeads used in cosmetics.

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Green space is becoming less and less across the nation with the increased population and inevitable amount of construction taking place. This is something that is hard to combat as corporate power and money over shines everything. Although, some municipalities and city governments are working towards creating new greenspaces.

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News activist Blog Post Air Pollution in China and The World

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