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wburg1 in Learning to Learn
SUNY Brockport
November 17, 2014
When it comes to college, sleep is one of those things a student can’t ever seem to get enough of. Whether it’s pulling an all-nighter studying or an all-nighter partying, messing with your sleep schedule and your quality of sleep can drastically affect your learning potential. Sleep isn’t just important for school, it is also important for your health.

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qjohn2 in Learning to Learn
SUNY Brockport
November 14, 2014
What do you call them? Bouncing Balls, Balance Balls, Exercise Balls, Stability Balls, or Therapy Balls? No matter what you call them, did you know it could improve your learning? According to Karen Lynch, who wrote How Sitting on a Ball Helps Kids Focus and Do Better In School, says that bouncing on a ball can in fact lead to better grades overall. Today, doctors are recommending sitting on a ball to children who have a hard time focusing in the classroom or any sensory processing disorders. Since the 1960s when bouncing balls were created, society has been finding new ways that they could be beneficial to us whether it be through exercise or learning. In 1980, 2003, and 2007 studies were done that concluded that bouncing balls would be a valuable tool that could be used inside of the classroom.

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