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What are the commodities? The reason why the 15 commodities are in interest and focus its because these commodities are threats to 35 places around the world these are deforestation, soil loss, water use, pesticide use, over-fishing, etc. Intro

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Nicaragua’s government has proposed a project to build a canal three times the length of Panama’s, which will cut through forests, wetlands, native reserves and a lake. The purpose of this canal is to save time money and fuel for shipping companies. The canal’s route has already been determined and the number of ships that will pass each day. Nicaragua's government has already put the construction of the canal into the hands of Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development . The main problem is that the government did not perform any environmental studies before authorizing the construction of the canal. The cost of the canal is estimated at $50 billion. When completed, it would measure 278 kilometers long. A large part of the canal would pass through Lake Nicaragua, the largest tropical lake in Central America. The duration of the construction is estimated 5 years, completion in 2020. A report the potential for fuel spills to affect freshwater fish in the area, interrupt agricultural activity and impact cultural heritage on native reserves as a result of work that disturbs the soil could be disastrous. Scientists worldwide also have expressed doubts about the project. For example, the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation wrote that the canal will affect 4000 square kilometers of forest, coast and wetlands, which include the wetlands of San Miguelito. The 4000 square has at least 22 species that are in danger of extinction. The consequence of this canal will affect the Lake Nicaragua a high-quality source of potable water. The negative impacts can cause climate change. As we can see the government of Nicaragua did not thought of sustainability before giving the project into the hands of Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development. Building this canal without doing any research on the ecological impact proves that the government is not trust worthy and unreliable. Country's around Nicaragua, ecological scientist and developed countries should try to stop the construction and propose another sustainable solution. The source of this article is :

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    Probably, we all know something about the European Union or the United Nations. But have you already heard of the African Union (AU)? I suppose that this is not the case. However, on the continent of Africa this international intergovernmental organization is quite relevant for finding solutions to issues concerning security, peace and economic and political stability. To elaborate on the question, to which extend the AU provides African solutions to African problems, is the aim of this article.  

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The analysis of the Japanese society remains in some aspects still misunderstood, but the impressive economic transformation of Japan has been watched with great interest by the industrialized world.

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