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Dragon's Den team : Camille Bleau, Camille Berardelli, Andréane Deschênes, Noémie Parent-Laperle Business Plan for our company Earth Lab Cosmetics Business/Concept Summary Introduction :

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I will be volunteering for an organization that reflects what I am writing about. I will be raising funds and swimming for a cause named “Nage-O-Thon”, an event held by Richelieu Fondateur. You donate the money the wish to give, and afterwards you swim the most laps possible within an hour, with the team in which you subscribe. Lifeguards are also needed to keep a watch on the swimming rally. As I am one myself, I will sign up to guard the pool for an hour or two. I am doing this at the “Centre Aquatique de Chambly” in Chambly.

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Sudden Disruption of Glory   The recent news stories of a Paralympics athlete who shot his girlfriend a caught my attention and launched me into a research on the topic of domestic violence in South Africa. In fact, two interesting journal articles from BBC News and The Observer brought me comprehend the mass of violence against women in the African country. I then completed my research with an interesting academic journal entitled "The Domestic Violence Epidemic In South Africa: Legal And Practical Remedies”, by Charlotte Bendall.

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Since always, our society is concerned about several daily subjects such as health. In the recent years, many cures were discovered for specific diseases, but a lot remain unknown for illnesses such as AIDS and cancer. Cancer is a large group of about 100 different diseases characterized by the growing of abnormal cells in the body. Studies has proved that the advanced stage of breast cancer has somewhat increased among young woman and that a lot of them decide to go to private clinics since the delay for diagnosis and surgery is very long.

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In Canada’s modern society, there are many social issues that prevail. One of the most concerning one regards public health and the public health care system. Canada offers free health care to all of its residents; those who wish to access private care have to pay for services. Attention to the field has been brought up by a recent study that focuses on how socioeconomic factors influence treatment of patients in the public system, hence discrimination. Sheryl Ubelacker, in the February 25thVancouver Sun, reports the findings of the study held by Dr.

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