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Unilever is an Anglo-Dutch company based in the UK and the Netherlands. Among the many products Unilever produces, it is the advertising for their personal care product, Lynx Dry Antiperspirant Spray that has seen much backlash. Simply put, the ad is a terribly sexist representation of women today. The ad prominently features a woman half nude in a kitchen putting a turkey in the oven. This instantly conveys the cliché message that women “belong in the kitchen”.

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  Although utilitarianism would argue otherwise, according to ethical rationalism, it is morally wrong to obligate a person to do or say something, even if it is done for a greater good.   Ethical rationalism, a form of deontology, explains that the action is what matters and not the outcome. Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher explains that the will is the only thing that is unconditionally good. We cannot control outcomes, only actions, therefore the will trumps all. Utilitarianism and ethical rationalism have the same idea, each person is autonomous.

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