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            In the article “With Black Students, Some Schools Are More Ready to Punish Than Help” by Piazadora Footman, illustrates some problems regarding race is schools. It states that there are inequalities between some races, where, for example, Black children get punished instead of helped when in need of extra help. The author goes on to explain why she states her argument. Her son Xavier started to act up in school and was constantly being punished at school.

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           In the article “Montreal is open-minded, inclusive and tolerant” written by Javier Pérez Mandujano states that animals, are often more loving and has more respect and loyalty towards others than humans because individuals likes to be critical to one another. Mandujano was walking through Old Montreal and realized that his previous thoughts of the human kind was wrong. The city of Montreal is very open minded and accepting of other cultures, of other colors and of other sexual preferences. For example with the Little Italy and the gay village.

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     There’s an article on Elite Daily called “Why Chivalry Is Dead, From a Man’s Perspective” by John Picciuto ( ) which is about his ideas on why chivalry is dead. In summary, to Picciuto chivalry is gone, men no longer take women out on fancy dates with deep conversations but more like to bars with small talk.

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