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              Action Research Project -Fundraiser Goal: We organise a Magic Show to raise funds to support other projects made by our classmates and Champlain Go Green fund. We pursue this goal to improve current financial situation of the Go Green fund and possibility of achievement of other projects goals.   Steps: After project is approved

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By: Charles Martel, Sofiya Taver and Anthony Patulli The issue chosen is e-waste pollution, the environmental damages caused by electronic debris. About 20 to 50 million tons of e-waste is generated every year throught the world with a significant portion of it being exported to UK shores and China to be recuperated and transformed. This crude and long process leaves time for persistent and harmful pollutants to be released continuously from the these large heaps of heavy metals, leaving many areas unbreathable. 

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How is the product associated with happiness? The commercial includes smiling people with a good socioeconomic status, images of a ‘’good’’ life, and an uplifting song. It also shows two things that make people happy, most of the time: family and food. Coca-Cola tried to associate its products with things that usually make people happy to give the impression that everyone in the commercial is actually happy because of the bottles of coke they are all drinking. What type of happiness is portrayed?

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Victoria, Katelyn, Melodie and Ariane      Cradle to Cradle  

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Victoria, Katelyn, Melodie   Religion and culture have the power to shape us as human beings, down to our core beliefs. Though, it is surprising to see the amount of impact it can have on our ecological beliefs. More specifically: climate change and the air of denial surrounding it. Some religions do not see the need to personally care for the environment, believing that their God is in charge of everything that happens to the world. Others, in their culture, engage in practices that are more taxing on the environment than we believe.  

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Victoria, Katelyn, Mezen, Ariane, Nicolas   The beginning of industrialization brought a wave of new technology, as well as a wave of problems no one had anticipated. Climate change has had and continues to have negative effects on human health. In China, people are forced to wear face masks to avoid the air pollution around them. In 2003, Europe, more than 70 000 people died due to an intense heatwave.

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