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The American Presidential election of 2016 shed light to the businessman Donald J. Trump’s real value and intentions. Most people called him racist and misogynists although, on November 8, 2016, he was elected President of the United States. One of the reasons for his election was his view on Muslims and terrorism.

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Together, We Will Rise Up Gender equality has evolved a lot in the past years. However, this human right does not apply to all of the countries. Today, we can still noticed in several countries that women do not have the same rights or treatment as the men, which is problematic. Marching together to denounce this conflict could be a great way to send a message to the world.

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Feminism and Humanism: What’s the difference?   Equal rights, self-determination, and integrity are all forms of rights feminists prove to highlight, but just how is this possible if society is so against regulating all of these controversies? Many people may have never thought about the similarities that go hand-in-hand between two terms that everyone is familiar about; humanism and feminism.    

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Nathan R. Todd, Elizabeth A. McConnell and Racheal L. Suffrin’s (2014) study examined the link between the awareness and attitude of White privilege and religious beliefs, and how it affects social justice through cross-sectional data, observational, and empirical research. In addition, the authors wanted to find evidence in colorblind racial attitudes and modern racism.

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Everybody knows that racism is still a very important and prominent issue in our society. Everyday, people of color or other ethnicities not white are mistreated by law enforcement for no apparent reason. Other than the color of their skin, the law enforcement mainly rely on the situational and community factors when contemplating if nonlethal force is needed or not to apprehend a suspect. This is a very important topic because all citizens should be treated equally by law enforcement no matter what race or community they may come from.

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        In this advertisement, a group of men dressed like fishermen stands on the deck of a boat around their catch of the day: a topless woman portrayed as a fish. The woman is tied upside down by heavy chains and looks distressed while staring at all the other motionless fish beside her. She is covering her breasts with one of her hands as the other hangs limply by her side. In contrast, the men are all fully clothed: they are wearing fashionable knit sweaters and stand with their chests puffed out. All have confident and defiant looks on their faces.

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Race and racism are social issues that are presently surrounding our way of living on a daily basis. According to our class notes, there are individual acts of racism as well as systemic racism which can be linked to stereotypes and discrimination towards a minority group. A great example demonstrating discrimination and stereotypical views on a minority group can be found in an article called “Black female doctors like Tamika Cross face prejudice everywhere”, by Myiesha Taylor in Guardian News.

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Many waitresses and waiters are sexually harassed while they are at work by customers, manager and coworkers. A lot of workers are sexually harassed verbally and physically.

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The purpose of this article is to explain the impacts of refugees’ immigration in Europe and convince that they can bring positive consequences their host countries. As shown in the article, the migration of this large amount of possible workers in Europe could have great economic impacts on a long-term basis. Indeed, many countries of the European Union are now facing the issues of aging populations and low birth rates (Dahlburg & Condon, 2015, para. 1). However, the integration of these refugees could involve economic investments to host countries.

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