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This article is written by Deborah Cramer and has as a goal to explain to the readers the negative effects fishermen have on Right whales when they leave their fishing nets laying anywhere around in the oceans. The effects dealt on the Right whales are critical injuries that can lead to possible death, decline in the Right whale population, decrease in Right whale infants and negative psychological effects. Deborah uses a lot of statistics to explain her main point in her article.

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In the article “Fisheries and the Environment”, it is described how marine ecosystems are severely damaged due to commercial fisheries; the purpose of this article is to inform the public on the causes and effects of commercial fisheries’ practices. It is further stated how overfishing disrupts the aquatic ecosystems; though fish may be renewable, they are not inexhaustible; the life and health of fish are in danger, as many are losing their habitat and are getting contaminated by elements negatively affecting the waters that fish live in.

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In the article “World’s largest desert has grown even larger due to climate change”, the author, Josh Gabatiss, describes how climate change is a huge factor in the Sahara Desert growing significantly in the past century. That being said, the purpose of this article is to inform people on the effects of climate change, and how it negatively impacts our world; the article examines a study that was performed with data collected since 1923.

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The purpose of the article “Climate Change Could Raise Food Shortage Globally: Study” is to discuss the extreme consequences that Climate Change can have on our food supply. In the article, the author explains that in the near future, a global shortage in food could occur due to Climate Change. Climate Change is an environmental issue that has only been worsening as it continues to result in extreme weather changes. Richard Betts, a University of Exeter professor, predicts that Climate Change is expected to cause many more extreme rainfalls as well as droughts.

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In the article titled “Scientists predict change in provincial ecosystems” written by Cathy Ellis, Alberta’s climate change leading to changes in the province’s ecosystem and species is discussed. The purpose of this article is to inform readers about the causes and effects of having our ecosystems rapidly changing; the main causes mentioned are human interruptions with the natural environment, such as deforestation and the over-consumption of fossil fuels. That being said, the effects include climate change and loss of habitat for wildlife, which then result to extinction of species.

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Andre Bergeron (A.B)                                                                                                             Summary 2: False Protection (eco systems)

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               The news article “As World’s Population Booms, Will Its Resources Be Enough for Us?” written by Dennis Dimick from the National Geographic, the author explains, with the purpose of educating readers, the causes and effects of population growth by referring this issue to previous theories. It is mentioned in this article that there are currently more than 7 billion people on Earth now and that approximately one in eight of us does not have enough food to feed ourselves.

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