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Summary: The article “Same-Sex Marriage: An Overview”, is a neutral paper written by an American journalist named Alex K. Rich on America’s laws and policies on gay marriage. The article is divided into three sections: a brief introduction to provide context, followed by the history of the debate and finally, today’s outcome. Introduction:

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The CBC news team received information that the CSEC (Canada’s electronic spy agency) has used intelligence from the Wi-Fi at a major Canadian airport of thousands of travellers for a two-week period. The information that was received from the cell phones would indicate the calls made by the owner as well as the location they were made from. The content however wasn’t monitored and can only be censored by obtaining a warrant. The monitoring made by the CSEC was a trial run for new software that is being developed.

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            While many North-Americans think of this as a subject which is taboo, it’s getting more and more attention from politicians and the people.  Indeed, the debate on the legalization of marijuana is starting to evolve in a way where the society is educated about this plant, getting to know its advantages and disadvantages, instead of frightened.  The article ‘‘Herb mentality; 39%of Canadians have used marijuana and many more are disposed to legalization.

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