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As everybody knows, today's school system has changed in many ways compared to years before. People have different opinions on the future of learning, and they bring different solutions about it. Ken Robinson, an author who criticizes today's school system, said that education uses standardization and that it compromised the student’s creativity (2010). Creativity is not consider as an important part of education, even if there is a lot of advantages to it.

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A lot of people right know are wondering what learning will be like in the future. Some people are saying that the education should still be the same because the education system is pretty good the way it is right now. Other people thinks that the future of learning should be different and school should put more importance on passion that their student have.

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In the next decades, we will probably experience a radical change in our education system. According to Logan LaPlante (2010), Sir Ken Robinson (2010) and Sugata Mitra (2013), our school system doesn’t sustain student needs. Mitra said that teachers are not relevant anymore. The only thing children need is encouragement from someone and a computer. Mitra’s research, we learned that children in other countries had been able to learn amazing thing in a very short period of time because they were using a computer.

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Education is very important to our society since it is the main source of all our knowledge. But we can all notice that our educational system is not perfect. The question is “What is the future of learning?” (Mitra, 2013).

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