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First, what is this man box? It's the rules that men have to obey to fit in society, and to not be criticized for being different. It ranges from how a man is supposed to act, his limitations, and his behavior towards others. This box shows men that they are not supposed to cross a certain line, or else they have to be prepared to suffer the consequences. These consequences go from personal insults, physical violence and even murder. This box is supposed to police men on how to become real ''men''.   

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We may know that a lot has been done so far for women. But not enough has actually been done. We hear constantly how women need to stand for themselves and need to unite and all that. But it’s not enough to stop there. Men play also an important role in this whole feminist movement. Most men perceive women as sexual object and that they’re supposed to stay in the kitchen. If men changed some of their values and morals, change would appear immediately. Teenage boys are taught to be disrespectful towards woman, and to treat them like absolute trash.

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After watching the movie ‘Miss Representation’, a friend and I started a discussion about the media’s effect on women and how it ends up affecting both genders negatively. While women are constantly under the pressure to look a certain way, my friend made the point that men are under that same pressure. While I argued that I was focusing more on the physical and superficial aspects of this negative effect, my friend once again pointed out that men had the same pressures too.  Walking through the downtown area of St.

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