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When we look at laws in a social context, this is the process of not only learning what a law is and what it does, but how it applies to specific circumstances in society. This is shown through Socio-Legal studies which "investigates legal institutes, processes, cultures, texts, experiences and outcomes" as well as the definition of a law.  Law's can therefor be limited under sec. 1 of the charter to suit circumstance, as well laws must be considered in a social setting before they can be considered or passed.

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Blog Post #2 - October 30th    10/30/2015   Dr. Marisha Caswell   JURI 1106B            There is no sure reason which indicates why people obey the law and refrain from committing crimes although there are common theories as as to why people follows laws, which suggest that people obey laws due to a fear of punishment from the law, or because they believe disobeying such laws is morally wrong. 

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Blog Post #1 - JURI 1106B - Friday, October 2, 2015   JURI 1106B   Friday, October 2, 2015   Dr. Marisha Caswell      

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