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      When gaming is mentionned, one of the first things that come into people's mind is "boys" or "guys". That should no longer be the case though, because a a study revealed that 52% of gamers are now women. The trope of video games being for guys is outdated, since the majority of the gamers now consists of girls. This new wave of female gamers came with the appearance of games on smart phones, as it made playing casual games much more accessible.  

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      People often complain that the video game industry produces too many games with a male protagonist. The said hero would often come to the rescue of a damsel in distress or have a vulnerable female side-kick to help him out. When casting a female protagonist, she is often over sexualized, wearing skimpy clothing and falling into the category of a “femme fatale”. What they don’t know is, game developers have recently created games starring female leads with an average look, an intricate background story and the capability to handle things themselves.

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