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Taking a look at how religious discord within families affects the quality of relationship between parents and young children. Research suggests that higher religious discord correlates with a lower quality relationship. From my experience I have found this to be true.

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The teaching of religion is schools has been a heavily debated topic. Is it fair to include in the curriculum? Is it fair to ignore completely in schools? The pros and cons of religion in schools are discussed in the article and both sides of the argument are presented. Either way someone will be upset with the choices and outcomes but this controversial issue can't be avoided.

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Do kids enjoy playing a sport and more successful when their parents are controlling and get too involved or when parents are supportive and provide positive feedback?

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Many schools have struggled with bullying but are there ways to decrease it? Research has been done to figure out what programs and ideas will work. How can society turn bullying into a positive? Prevention programs have been a topic of discussion and after some research in middle and elementary schools conclusions have been made. Are prevention programs the answer to school's issues of bullying?

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Fashion and beauty are part of our every day life. We are judge constantly on our appearance and ignoring others' judgment is extremely difficult. People are ready to do many things to achieve what they want to look like. Whatever they do, some will never like what they see in the mirror.  These people will often develop eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. These problems are very present in the women's fashion industry because girls are constantly comparing themselves with each other.

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This article looks at different peoples research and views of cyberbullying and also how boys and girls differ when it comes to this topic

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Bullying is a serious problem in this country and many schools are trying to create different ways to prevent the frequency of events. However, it is important to consider the role that home life situations play on a child’s attitude towards others.

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  Spy Agencies Tap Data Streaming From Phone Apps By JAMES GLANZ, JEFF LARSON and ANDREW W. LEHRENJAN. 27, 2014

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